Whatever your occasion, Ballyhoo Arts can provide an exciting project for pupils at your school.

Making a story giant will be an experience your pupils will never forget, whether you recreate characters from a known story or create them from imagination. An ideal project for a Book or Creative Arts Week.

Making a topic based giant is a unique way to study historical characters. eg: Romans, Tudors, Egyptians.

Our Giants too big for you??? Why not try a mini -giant project

For both secondary and primary schools, Ballyhoo Arts can provide a variety of maskmaking projects to suit your needs. Our masks too small for you??? Why not try a giant-maskmaking project.

Ballyhoo Arts offers schools a popular planetarium project. An ideal project for primary schools in Science Week

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Paulsgrove Primary School in Portsmouth made an Old Seadog, Octopus and Mermaid for display. Ballyhoo Arts can help your pupils make giants for display or performance.