Each year since 2007 we have worked with a Newport Primary School to make a giant for display at the Riverfront Theatre, Newport,over the panto season. Go to The Panto Giants


In 2005, Ballyhoo Arts worked with Newtown Soberton Infants to create this 'lifesize' dragon to display in the school foyer.

In May 2007 Ballyhoo Arts worked with Fryern Infants School to make this 'lifesize' dragon for display. They also made our first mini-giant for display, of Puss in Boots. Go to Puss-in-Boots

This giant Dragonfly was made by pupils from Swavesey Primary School in Cambridgeshire as part of Swavesey Festival.

In July 2008 children from Holyfamily Primary School, Southampton made this dragon for display in their library.

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In 2004, Ballyhoo Arts worked with Paulsgrove Primary school in Portsmouth to make three giants for permanent display. This mermaid, plus a sea captain and a giant Octopus. Go to Octopus and Seadog

To see images of the St Ives First School, cluster project, Ringwood Go to 'Flight'

To see more giants for display, Go to More Giants For Display